Ultimate Xavier Institute

Pyro, Mytique & Beast - Danger in the Danger Room

Thinking that after the event in the first danger room exercise it would be good to practice learning to fight together, Mystique suggests to everyone that they have another go.

Gambit is off elsewhere when the team assemble. Beast cues up a series of nasty vaguely humanoid looking robots defending a series of walls at the far end of the Danger Room. “The objective” he says “is to take out the robots – together if we can”.

The robots start shooting blank pellets rapidly from the guns in their “arms”. There’s some cover, but not much, so the group needs a distraction.

“I wonder if they track body heat” muses Pyro. “I bet I could distract them.”

Pyro gets out his trusty lighter, and creates a ball of flame, tumbling to the right with it. The robots track him, as expected. He manages to dodge most of the bullets and reaches a safe point. As he does so, Mystique sneaks closer in, blurring her features and body to confuse them. Beast has moved away from the Danger Room controls and dodges nimbly behind, ending up close to Pyro.

“We need to get rid of those ranged weapons!” shouts Mystique to Pyro. Pyro nods, and prepares to blast away with his flame. At first he aims purely for the blasters, but Beast says “look for their weak points” and points to the joints in the arms. Focussing more, Pyro blasts off the arms themselves, rather than focussing on the weapons.

“Let’s move in!”
Mystique moves closer as the robots pull out new arms with sawing blades attached. She raises an eyebrow, but by kicking and dodging cleanly she fells one. Beast nimbly evades the blades too and takes one down.

“Slowpokes” yells Pyro “It’s melting they need”. His burst of flame does indeed take the last 2 robots down, but catches Beast in the cross fire.

Overall though, the first training mission was a success.

Beast => Minor Injury (10ap)


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