Your beliefs represent more than your religion or or your politics. They are your deeply held assumptions about how the world works. They form the filter through which all your decisions are made and and support and give purpose to your Goals.
Each character starts with three beliefs that form their initial world view. Those initial beliefs will be challenged and questioned over the course of each Character journey. Some beliefs will withstand being challenged, while others will evolve or change completely.
Your character will never have more than three core beliefs. But, certain consequences can grant additional Temporary Belief to your character.

Beliefs are closely tied to Goals and the main system effect of a belief comes into play when a Goal is either completed or abandoned. When a Goal is completed, each belief that either directly motivates the Goal or is reinforced by the completion of the Goal, grants an additional point of Confidence.

Likewise, any Belief that directly conflicts with a Goal that’s abandoned grants an additional point of Karma.

Beliefs are also closely linked to the Relationship system. Not only can a Friend or Lover normally see one or more of your Beliefs. But, your beliefs that support the Goals completed or abandoned by your Relationships also earn them addition Confidence or Karma.


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