Character Journey

Your character journey represents the story that you want your character to experience. It isn’t set in stone. Instead, it let’s you involve the other players in your story and roughly establish the part you expect them to play. The part their character will play may change and evolve as they move through their own character journey, making every journey unique to that character.

Each character journey is made up of several elements.

Journey Map
Landmark Characters
Appropriate Beliefs
Appropriate Goals

The journey maps are a tool to help you establish your own character journey. They are outlines of typical stories with examples and sugestions on how to add twists and match them to your character’s situation.

Stories require the protagonist to be inspired or influenced by outside forces. We call these individuals Landmark Characters and before you begin your jorney, you advertise each of the roles to the other players. Where possible, try and use player character within the role of the Landmark characters for your own story. The GM will provide an NPC if no suitable PC can take the role. The journey map has a list of required roles for that journey as well as some sugested adverts.

In order to help you choose a character journey, we suggest some of the Beliefs and Goals that will work well with the story path. These will hardly ever be an exact match, but use them for inspiration.

Character Journey

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