Your comrades are those that you work in order to achieve a common goal. These are most often your Team Mates. But, can also represent other workmates or friends of convenience. Often someone that starts as a Comrade will become a Friend over time.

Comrade Examples:

Team Mate, Study Buddy, Sports Team Mate, Classmate, Project Partner, Your Enemies Enemy

When you are working with a Comrade, you can be sure that you are both going to be pulling in the same direction. The knowledge of your common goal allows the confidence and trust to take big risks, knowing your comrade has your back. When you call someone Comrade, you choose one Goal to reveal per level of the relationship. As usual, these may be disguised for 3 AP each.

Comradery is the key to teamwork and every level of Comrade you have with members of your Team allows you to contribute one point each of Confidence and Karma for use in Missions carried out by the team.


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