We are working to create the Ultimate version of the Xavier Institute. Everything is up for reimagining and recasting. Any Mutant from the marvel universe could be one of the students at the school and you can pick and choose from the character elements to create your own Ultimate concept. The one thing you must keep is the codename, as it’s the common point of reference that everyone can share.

Important things to bear in mind:

  • Whatever their politics’ in the Marvel Comics, they are going to be judged by Xavier’s standards while at the institute.
  • Make the character interesting now, not someone who has already played out their most interesting stories.
  • Be prepared to be flexible with your back story as play progresses.
  • Try not to define too many other characters through your back story, keep it vague.

Some things to ask yourself while defining your concept:

  • What are the three things that most attract you to the character?
  • What is the belief that most defines the character? Do you want to keep it?
  • What parts of the background do you want to keep and can you fit them into a younger concept?


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