Determine Edges

Now that we have decided what your character wants to do and why they want to do it, it’s time to look at how they are going to go about getting what they want.

Each character starts with 7 points of basic edges split up however you wish. Each of the basic edges has a name, some flavour text and, importantly, a Capability that it increases.

Remember that the baseline human level of capability is Zero. So even a single point in a capability gives you a distinct advantage. over a single human.

Consider how you apportion your different Edges so you have capabilities that match what you feel your character is good at. But don’t expect to be taking down Magneto single handed at the start of the game. You might have Mutant powers, but you are still learning how and when to use them.

We list lots of edges on the wiki to cover some of the more common advantages you might have. But, for you signature power edges we welcome and encourage you to create your own.

Determine Edges

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