Find Landmark Characters

If you are doing group character generation, then this is the time to start talking to the other players. Pitch the idea of playing each of your Landmark Characters to the group. Tell them what you are looking for and why you think it would be fun for someone to play.

I’m looking for a combined Dark Reflection and Impetus for my characters rags to riches story about her coming out of her shell and getting a boyfriend. Basically, I want someone who will start by helping her come out of her shell and then keep pushing her to try more and more new things until they are both spiralling out of control.

Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas around and consider different options from what you first planned. This is co-operative drama exactly because that outside idea can twist a story from interesting to epic.

Equally, don’t be afraid to stick to your guns if you really want something a specific way for your story. You can post a Landmark Wanted Ad on the wiki for a wider potential range of players to bring into your story. Finally, the Organisers will create a character specifically to fill the required slot if there are not Leads that are right for it. This is something that’s quite common, especially when it comes to landmarks like Threats, Persecutors and Dark Deflections.

Find Landmark Characters

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