Freak vs Norm

Mutants are people torn between two worlds, the dominant normal humans and the experimental new societies of mutants that are starting to form. Being creatures constantly torn in two directions they often struggle to fit into either.

Within the system this is represented by the twin stats of Freak and Norm. Each of these stats represents your familiarity, ease of fitting in and network of contacts within the respective group. They are fluid stats that are mostly derived from your relationships with people that already inhabit that world. However, there are some edges that can grant increase one or the other of the scores or even grant expertise or mastery in the particular realm.

Whether an individual relationship grants a point in Freak or Norm is determined by where they live and what they do. For instance, all the students at the Xavier Institute grant a point of Freak because they live and train with other mutants. They may try to lead a normal life as well. But, they are defined by the amount of time they spend in a mutant heavy environment. Conversely, a student at Westchester High that lives with their human parents would grant a point of Norm.

Having a high Norm or Freak score can be a real advantage when it comes to attempting to opperate covertly within Human or Mutant society. Each time you go on a quest, you perform a test using Norm or Freak against a difficulty of 5. For each point you beat the target by, you will get 1 extra action point for the next session. If you fail to beat the target, you loose 1 action point per point you failed by. You can spend Karma and Confidence on this test as normal.

Freak vs Norm

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