Your Goals are the incentive that drives you ever forward down the road of your Characters Journey. Every goal that you complete grants you a point of confidence that can be used improve your chances to succeed at Tests or completing Missions.

Sometimes, However. You will realise that your characters beliefs or aims have changed an a Goal is no longer desirable. If you choose to abandon the Goal, you will receive a point of Karma that can be used to improve your odds when attempting Tests and Missions.

A character starts with three goals that they with to complete and that number should stay constant. As a goal is completed or abandoned, it should quickly be replaced by a new goal.

There is no time limit on how long you need to have a goal before it can be completed. In fact, some goals may be added and completed within a single role-playing session. However, you must have had a goal since the start of the current sessions in order to abandon it.

Goals should be inspired by the character journey and they don’t need to be concrete system effects or even something that requires the system to be used. “Break up Scott and Jean.” and “Prove to Xavier that I’m not a kid any more.” work just as well as tying it to a Missions with “Defeat Magneto’s evil plan.” or basing it on acquiring a new edge like “Finally become the true Master of Magnetism”.

Make your goals something that is actually achievable within a short time. Goals like “Bring about peace between mutants and humans” work much better when turned into beliefs like “Humans and mutants do not need to be enemies” as they then support your short term, achievable goals.

Don’t forget that goals that are in line with you, your friends or your lover’s beliefs will bring you much more confidence than achieving something you don’t believe in. So where possible, use your beliefs to guide your goals.


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