Kudos is a representation of how respected you are by the teachers and staff at the Institute. You can gain and lose Kudos by completing Missions or carry out other worthy actions during the month. The GM may also award discretionary Kudos for events that are role-played out.

Kudos is split into three categories, representing the different virtues that the staff respect.

  • Prowess represents your capability to handle dangerous situations and overcome threats to mutant and human alike.
  • Sense is a measure of your wisdom, insight and the ability to remain calm in an emotional situation.
  • Integrity is your ability to understand what is right and fair and to act in accordance with that understanding.

Your Kudos totals for each type are visible to the other players and are an easy way for them to judge the sort of character you are playing. The categories are not relevant to the staff, it’s the amount that matter to them.


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