Story Games Manifesto

Just because it’s Marvel doesn’t make it right

This is our re-imagining of the mutants of the Marvel Universe. Feel free to pick and choose the parts of it you want to add to your character and back story.

You are Character, Writer and Audience all at once.

Don’t get too caught up in what your character would do, consider what would make a good story and take time to enjoy other people’s story.

Communication is the key to collaboration

This is a collaborative story game. Other characters will play a key part of your story so make sure you talk to them.

If it didn’t happen in play, then it’s not Fact

Unless it was actually seen to happen in a scene between characters then any event or piece of information is eligible for revision.

Respect other people’s story

Just because someone’s imagined back story is not Fact doesn’t give you free reign to change it. Talk to them if you have ideas and come to an agreement.


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