Networking Actions

These are a focussed type of Training Actions that involve a strong element of interaction with groups of individuals outside of the Xavier Institute. They are more strictly controlled than standard training actions. However, they offer greater benefits as well.

A Networking Action always develops a specific edge determined by the GM. Action Points spent on the action work towards developing powers within the edge as normal. The number of AP that can be spent on each Networking Action each cycle is fixed. You must spend the listed amount, no more and no less.

Each Networking Action grants a bonus to either Freak or Norm for the following month. This represents contacts and information gained while interacting in your role. Each Networking action also reveals a single available mission for the Realm that it’s based in.

Name Cost Affinity Edge Realm
Westchester Student 8AP +1 Norm One of Us Edge Westchester High Realm
W.H. Basketball Team 3AP +1 Norm Athlete Edge Westchester High Realm
W.H. Computer Club 3AP +1 Norm Geek Edge Westchester High Realm
Hired Muscle 5AP +1 Norm Flunky Edge Manhattan
Shop Job 20AP +3 Norm Employee Edge Any Normal
Mutant Blogger 10AP +2 Freak Internet Voice Edge Xavier Mansion Realm
Band Member 5AP +2 Norm Rocker Edge Manhattan

Networking Actions

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