Pick Your Journey

The journey that you pick will provide a framework for how your character will grow and evolve over the coming sessions. Each journey plots a distinct evolution of your character that either changes a belief or reinforces an existing one. It’s hard to determine how long a particular journey will take. But, they are designed to be complete within the space of 2-4 sessions and followed by a new journey.

Although Journeys may feel like a restrictive and overly planned way to determine what happens to your character, it’s important to remember that in any role-playing game there are so many variables that it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen. Providing the structure of the character journey is an attempt to channel the chaos in the direction most interesting to you.

Each journey has a brief description that gives you a feel for the sort of story that it will create. It also has a full page to it’s self with full information on the journey, suggested goals, beliefs and the Landmark characters that will guide you on your journey.

The initial journey is key to character generation as it informs the choices you make later on. If you find yourself on the wrong journey, there is nothing to stop you from ending your current path and picking a new one. So, be bold and pick something that excites and challenges you.

Sample Journeys

The Ugly Duckling

You have been persecuted for being different all your life and it’s turned you into a nervous and shy duckling. You have a selection of achievable goals but you are crippled by a Belief that tells you you are not capable of achieving them. With the persuasion and support of your friends, you will achieve one of your goals and abandon your negative Belief.

Rebel Without A Clue

You have been torn from your previous life and forced to move to this school in the middle of nowhere. You initially have goals & Beliefs based around escape and interrupting the flow of the school. But, you find a passionate friend at the school that convinces you to take up one of their Beliefs and reconsider your disruptive goals. Unfortunately, people you have already made enemies off endeavour to see you kicked out. Will you take this chance to return home or will you fight to stay?

[[You Can Please Some of the People…]]

You are a confidant and solid individual, some might even call you a little boring. You have Beliefs regarding the status quo and goals that involve impressing the staff and staying out of trouble. When one of your friends has a moral objection to instructions by the teachers you must decide if the status quo of your social circle or the school is more important.

(Hot)Shot Down

You are flamboyant and daring and have Beliefsand goals linked to impressing the staff and students at any cost. When one of your stunts goes wrong and someone ends up physically or emotionally hurt, you need to turn to your friends to rebuild your confidence. Will you come back more determined than before or will your confidence be forever damaged?

Longing For Lily

You have met the girl of your dreams but deep down you know that she will never be romantically interested in you. Can you work up the courage to show your interest or will your slip quietly into the friend zone?

Pick Your Journey

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