Pick Your Journey Map

The journey that you pick will provide a framework for how your character will grow and evolve over the coming sessions. Each journey plots a distinct evolution of your character that either changes a belief or reinforces an existing one. It’s hard to determine how long a particular journey will take. But, they are designed to be complete within the space of 2-4 sessions and followed by a new journey.

Although Journeys may feel like a restrictive and overly planned way to determine what happens to your character, it’s important to remember that in any role-playing game there are so many variables that it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen. Providing the structure of the character journey is an attempt to channel the chaos in the direction most interesting to you.

Each journey has a brief description that gives you a feel for the sort of story that it will create. It also has a full page to it’s self with full information on the journey, suggested goals, beliefs and the Landmark characters that will guide you on your journey.

The initial journey is key to character generation as it informs the choices you make later on. If you find yourself on the wrong journey, there is nothing to stop you from ending your current path and picking a new one. So, be bold and pick something that excites and challenges you.

There’s no need to start at the beginning of a story for your first one. Pick up that initial story where you think it’s the most interesting and talk through what happened in the previous legs with the landmark characters.

Boy Meets Girl
A rags to riches map about obtaining love. Remember to work out why you are currently loveless to help you pick your persecutor and how you are going to take the changes too far and start becoming like The Dark Reflection.

The New Kid
A rags to riches map about obtaining status. Figure out who is keeping you from being one of the cool kids and what sort of nightmare you are going to turn into when you rise to one of the top dog positions.

Hotshot Down
A Man in a Hole story with a focus on protecting status being the top student and losing that spot to someone new. Pick what it is that you are good at and work with a threat that is on a rags to riches path about status, maybe The New Kid?.

The Trier
Lumbered with a power you don’t think is as good as other students. You are in a Rags to Riches story about obtaining Might. Find someone to ridicule your power for the Persecutor and consider a real villain for a dark reflection if you want to be tempted to the other side.

Rebel Without A Cause
Betrayed by your parents and packed off to a school for freaks because they think you are like the rest of the students. This is a Man In A Hole story about obtaining status. The Threat is one parent and The Doubter another with The Symbol as a sibling. The Unexpected Ally in this story could urge you on to some very dark places that threaten to tear your family apart.

Almost any story can be created using these frameworks and provide you with enough of a framework to build an interesting story around.

Pick Your Journey Map

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