A teenager’s world is heavily defined by the company they keep. The relationships they invest time in define them as much as the beliefs that bind them with their Friends. All characters may choose the number of relationships that they begin the game with. But, the number of your Family relationships can never rise above the ones created during character generation.

Each different relationship type is defined by what you share in common with the other party. Friends share common Beliefs, Comrades are bound by common Goals and Lovers share so deeply that they reveal both Goals and Beliefs to each other. Family is a little different, as we learn to lie so well to those we grow up with, that we normally only share what they want to hear.

Every relationship takes time to maintain and depending on the amount of openness and sharing can be considered to be one of three levels, Superficial, Deep or Intense.

Relationships are not always mutual. In this system however, it is the one that invest the time that always reaps the benefits. If a relationship is not reciprocated, it represents you sharing your feelings while the other participant leads you on or deliberately stays closed to your advances.

After all, Unrequited love and the social Hanger-On are both key to so many stories.


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