There are several Truths that apply in golden age comic book stories that are not found in the laws of physics. But, they are just as predictable as any of newtons laws.

As comics have moved on, those truths have been bent or even disregarded completely by various writers. One of the easiest ways to establish the flavor of a comic series is to establish to what degree those truths apply.

  • 1. If you wear a mask no-one can tell who you are.

This is something that was held to be Completely False in the Ultimates books. If nothing else SHIELD and Charles Xavier knew the identities of almost every super powered being on the planet.

  • 2. If you catch someone committing a crime and haul the criminal of to the police, the crook goes to jail.

In the grittier Ultimates books, this is Mostly Untrue. You would need to actually build a criminal case and follow due process. The police will not just take your word for it.

  • 3. You can say a lot during a pitched battle

Completely True. This is one of the tropes of the mutant teams, there’s always time for a quick quip or a nasty jibe during a fight.

  • 4. Your heroes are the only ones who can solve the problem at hand.

This should be considered to be Completely True. The stories are about your characters, not the rest of the Marvel cast. Besides, we don’t want you to just track down the Silver Surfer every time you have a problem.

  • 5. Heroes make a difference.

This is considered to be Completely True in this game. Although, it has varied in its level of truth across the Ultimate comic book range.

Narration Dials

Because this is a collaborative storytelling adventure. We want everyone to be on the same page as much as possible. To help with that we give guidelines and examples of the limits of how we narate different aspects of the game.

Narration Dial
Description Examples
Violence & Injury
At this stage guns and edge weapons become feasible and do realistic damage. Blood seeps through clothing after gunshots and knife wounds. Most blows draw blood or cause scrapes of bruising. Dead bodies can be narrated and there can be trails of blood from severe wounds. Put some examples here
Sex & Nudity
At this stage intercourse can be implied, but nothing beyond a passionate kiss can actually be narrated. Men are permitted to go shirtless, while women can be narrated in their underwear, but no female nudity is allowed. Put some examples here
Power Level
At this setting, a normal human cannot even think about stopping one of these characters. It takes a several armed mooks to present a real threat. An experienced or trained human might be represented by a single point of Capability, while only groups or other super powered individuals would be represented by multiple capability points. Put some examples here
There is space for light hearted comedy within the game. But, it is a long way from the focus. Think hard before drifting into slapstick and focus on witty banter between the characters. Put some examples here
The stories focus on the interplay between the player characters. Global threats and rampaging Sentinels may form a backdrop. But, the action revolves around what happens outside of the fights. Put some examples here


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