Temporary Goal

Much like the Temporary Belief, each character has a slot for a single Temporary Goal that works alongside the three character goals that are picked by the player. Like Temporary Beliefs, Temporary goals can only been given as a consequence for loosing a test.

They are designed to represent outside influences on your character, whether blackmail or hypnotic suggestion.

Temporary goals only work partially like a normal goal. They still award Confidence for completion and you can receive extra Confidence if your friends beliefs support the completion of the goal. In fact, they can often be the result of gentle encouragement from friends or peer pressure. Importantly, though. A Temporary Goal can never be abandoned, only replaced with a new goal, and even then you receive none of the benefits that would normally be granted for abandoning a goal.

If you wish to keep a temporary goal after you receive a new one as a consequence, you must abandon one of your normal goals and replace it with the temporary one. From that point it acts like a normal goal.

Temporary Goal

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