There is a simple rule that forms the defining principle of this whole system:

“You decide everything that your character does, unless the rules say differently.”

This is called the Right of Narration and by association, this means that you can never decide what another character is going to do unless the rules let you make that decision or the player likes the idea enough to go along with it.

This works for more than just other player characters in the Xavier Institute, it also applies to tricks and traps and the whole host of character’s that are controlled by the GM’s.

You can’t decide that you punch Pyro so hard that you slam him backwards into a wall, you can’t even diclare that the punch connects unless the GM decides the they want that to happen. You have the right to dictate that you swing at pyro, or perform an elaborate set of martial arts moves. But, at the moment that the narration goes from Cause to Effect the narration is handed to the person that controls the character to decide if Pyro dodges, gets hit or protects himself with a wall of fire.

To override the normal rights of Narration we use Tests, a comparrison of Capabilities with a random element. The Capabilities that you compare are determined by your goals for the challenge, Manouvering for avoiding getting hurt, Fighting to hurt people, etc…

The randomiser comes in the form of five coins per character. Each player shakes the five coins in their cupped hands and sutracts the number of coins that come up Tails from their Capabilities level and add the number of Heads to the total. The character with the highest capability after it’s been modified by the coin shake is the winner of the test and can narrate the results of their action on the target.

Using 10 coins in this challenge give the potential for a very large modifier, but the probability curves mean that the vast majority of the time the modifier will be very close to zero. It’s also possible to modify the way that the coins fall through the use of Confidence, Karma, Expertise and Mastery.


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