The Ugly Duckling

You have been persecuted for being different all your life and it’s turned you into a nervous and shy duckling. You have a selection of achievable goals but you are crippled by a Belief that tells you you are not capable of achieving them. With the persuasion and support of your friends, you will achieve one of your goals and abandon your negative Belief.

Road Map

Normalcy “If I don’t attempt it, I can never fail”
Your journey starts by emphasising your character flaw to the others around you. During this stage of the journey you should emphasise your crippling belief and make it clear for all to see. Ensure that you get the opportunity to pursue some of your goals. But, make excuses and present reasons why you shouldn’t go after them rather than attempt to achieve them.

The Normalcy phase of this journey can last as long as you wish. However, a public retreat from one of your goals acts as a perfect

Fixer Upper
The first major step on the character journey is the interference of the Cheerleader. An outside force that attempts to convince the Ugly Duckling to take a chance and actually pursue a goal.

Where to Start

The Ugly Duckling Journey is defined by the lack of confidence that the character possesses. So, it’s always best to start with a belief that sums up that lack of confidence.

Sample Beliefs
Sample Goals
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The Ugly Duckling

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