Welcome to the Ultimate Xavier Institute!

The Ultimate Xavier Institute is a Freeform RPG that uses literary theory to create a framework that promotes constant evolution of your characters beliefs and goals while encouraging you to build relationships with like minded characters.

Each player controls a pupil at the Xavier Institute who must fight to gain the approval of the faculty and other students.

Oh, and if high school isn’t hard enough, you also need to save the world!

Welcome to the Wiki!

This is a bit of an experiment in testing LARP style rules in combination with online role-playing tools. It uses Marvel’s X-Men and the Xavier Institute as an inspiration and jumping off point. But, there is no holy cannon. Everything is up for re-imagining and rewriting within the game it’s self.

The focus of this game is on the lives of a group of teen aged outcasts trying to make a difference in the world and come to terms with the fact they are different. The rules are designed to focus the game on these interactions, while the actual battles against Sentinels or evil mutants serve as a backdrop for their personal stories.

You may want to take a look at the following information to get you up to speed:

The assumptions we make on how comic book reality works and the levels of sex and violence that is considered acceptable are contained within our Style Sheet.

This game is designed to work as a co-co-operative storytelling framework; as such there are a few assumptions that work a little differently from a normal RPG. You can find them in our Co-Op Drama Manifesto.

This Marvel game uses a completely custom system designed to promote character interaction and the building of relationships. You can read the game rules here. The rules are a work in progress so we also have an Ideas section that we can use to store things that haven’t been implemented yet.

To find out the current status of your character you can go to the Latest Downtime page.

Because this is a co-opperative roleplaying game, we try not to nail down too many facts about the setting and anything that isn’t confirmed in play is available to be changed. The known facts about the setting can found on the setting page.

Because we use several diverse pieces of software to help with the running of the game, we have a Help & FAQ Section to offer hints and advice on how to get the most out of the software.

Ultimate Xavier Institute

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