Ultimate Xavier Institute

Pyro, Mytique & Beast - Danger in the Danger Room

Thinking that after the event in the first danger room exercise it would be good to practice learning to fight together, Mystique suggests to everyone that they have another go.

Gambit is off elsewhere when the team assemble. Beast cues up a series of nasty vaguely humanoid looking robots defending a series of walls at the far end of the Danger Room. “The objective” he says “is to take out the robots – together if we can”.

The robots start shooting blank pellets rapidly from the guns in their “arms”. There’s some cover, but not much, so the group needs a distraction.

“I wonder if they track body heat” muses Pyro. “I bet I could distract them.”

Pyro gets out his trusty lighter, and creates a ball of flame, tumbling to the right with it. The robots track him, as expected. He manages to dodge most of the bullets and reaches a safe point. As he does so, Mystique sneaks closer in, blurring her features and body to confuse them. Beast has moved away from the Danger Room controls and dodges nimbly behind, ending up close to Pyro.

“We need to get rid of those ranged weapons!” shouts Mystique to Pyro. Pyro nods, and prepares to blast away with his flame. At first he aims purely for the blasters, but Beast says “look for their weak points” and points to the joints in the arms. Focussing more, Pyro blasts off the arms themselves, rather than focussing on the weapons.

“Let’s move in!”
Mystique moves closer as the robots pull out new arms with sawing blades attached. She raises an eyebrow, but by kicking and dodging cleanly she fells one. Beast nimbly evades the blades too and takes one down.

“Slowpokes” yells Pyro “It’s melting they need”. His burst of flame does indeed take the last 2 robots down, but catches Beast in the cross fire.

Overall though, the first training mission was a success.

Beast => Minor Injury (10ap)

Gambit & Mystique - Too Hot To Handle
Mystique: smiles at Remy Hello, trouble :)

Gambit: It’s at the Sunday after the infamous ‘Danger Room Incident’ that Remy sits down beside Raven at dinner for the first time. Actually, it’s the first time Remy has ever sat down next to anyone. She’s cut her hair since last week – it’s now almost buzzed at the sides, though still a bit longer on top, and there’s what looks to be a healing burn-mark artistically splashed across her left cheek.
“I see cook has approached de Sunday roast with his usual zeal,” she says as she places her plate on the table, shooting a sidelong smirk in Raven’s direction and cutting a slice from her beef. It’s far from overdone, but it’s apparently not as pink as she would like. “Dere’s only two ways to have beef – cooked in sauce, or raw. Dis dry roasted stuff is no good.”
Mystique: heh
you should take over cooking for a bit. I’m with you on the rare front. But I guess this is how Charles likes it.
New hair?
Gambit: Remy glances up at her bangs as though surveying them afresh. “I s’pose so,” she says, pursing her lips momentarily. “Needed a change. It was gettin’ a bit… burnt… at de sides, you know.”
Mystique: I guess it did, a little. You feeling OK?
Gambit: “Oh, I’m fine, chére. Just keepin’ on my toes.” Remy smirks and pops a forkful of liberally gravied roast beef into her mouth, chewing expressively for a moment before swallowing with a roll of her eyes that says ‘that took too long’. “Anyway, dere ain’t nothin’ dat boy can surprise me with but I call fire an unfair advantage. Just gotta work out how to get around it.”
Mystique: heh
He is a bit of a… well… firecracker, I guess
It’s an interesting challenge
Gambit: “He’s a one trick pony,” the other girl asserts with a graceful flick of her hand. “But daaamn… Dat’s quite a trick.”
Mystique: That’s true
I presume you are wanting to be ready for round 2?
Gambit: “Oh, chére…” Remy chuckles and shakes her head. “We’re way past round two by now. But I’ve yet to really pay him back for the Danger Room. Dat was just…” She shook her head, making a face.
((woops, sorry, I will occasionally slip into past tense because it’s how I’m used to writing, bear with me/ignore it))
Mystique: (np)
he needs to learn to rein himself in for sure. In the end, we are all on the same side, in theory, at least
If he doesn’t believe that, why is he here?
nibbles the roast delicately
Gambit: “Dat boy don’t need to rein himself in – he need to let himself go,” Remy says with some vigour. “He got no imagination – it’s just fireball dis, flame dat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s effective…” Remy runs a hand across the buzzed side of her head and round to the back, stroking the back of her head momentarily – it must be at that length where it’s just past spiky and it’s all soft but tickley. “But it won’t get ‘im very far. I need to show him dat you can’t just rely on one trick de whole time.”
Mystique: Well, Hank’s danger room must have more than one setting
Gambit: “D’you think it has one with lots of water?” Remy asks with a chuckle.
Mystique: Oh, I am sure he would love the chance to whip one of those up :D
or wind – lots of wind? He needs the flame to start, right? That’s why he always has the lighter…
Gambit: Remy looks at Raven then with wide eyes – clearly something has just occurred to her. “De lighter. Of course.” She closes her eyes and shakes her head. “I’m such an idiot.”
Mystique: and I’m no scientist but flame needs oxygen…
Gambit: “But non, it is so simple, chére, we just need to steal dat damn lighter and he won’t have his spark. Of course, it would be unfair to leave him no way to use his power… but dat’s where de danger room comes in. I wonder if I can sweet-talk Hank into helping me teach ‘Pyro’ a lesson… Of course, I won’t be able to get close enough to ‘im to steal de lighter. He’s always on guard around me…” At this, Remy glances sidelong at Raven and, in spite of her red eyes, manages to give her a suitably ‘puppy dog’ like expression, all cute and pouty.
Mystique: tries to keep serious but can’t stop a smile coming over her face
I suppose I could watch and have a think about the best way to get hold of it…
we would have to give it back to him though
Gambit: “Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure we could find a way to return it,” Remy says. “Once he’d suffered a little.” She shoots Raven a grateful smile.
Mystique: Not too much though. We do need to learn to work together. If he’s staying, anyway
Gambit: “Ah, ma chére, ever the good student… you… think he might not stay?” Remy asks at this, raising an eyebrow.
Mystique: I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve really seen him so… out there. There’s friendly competition and there’s unfriendly competition. Although I suppose that no-one got too cooked and we all survived..
Gambit: “Well, I did wind him up. Mind you, he shouldn’t ’ave been so easy to wind up.”
Mystique: We all have things to learn. I think that’s one of the things John needs to work on. Power isn’t much without control…
Gambit: “Dat’s right!” Remy smirked, a little of the super-cocky ‘Gambit’ of the Danger Room showing. “I suppose you would know dat better than anyone. Your power… dat’s all about control. I suppose you must have to be in control all de time when you’re in another form…”
Mystique: winces a little yeah…
all the time
Gambit: Remy clicks her tongue, shaking her head. “Dat’s gotta be hard sometimes. ’Specially under pressure.”
Mystique: yeah, it’s not always easy. But, y’know. Charles says so much depends on it, on keeping everyone safe…
Gambit: “You gotta make time for yourself too though, chére,” Remy said. “Do you ever even get to be yourself? Outside de mansion, I mean.”
Mystique: looks shocked
hell no
too much of a risk, for me, for everyone
I remember what it was like when I was learning to control it. People thought I was a monster…
Gambit: “Dey ain’t never gonna think notin’ else if dey don’t get the chance. When I was born they called me Le Diable Blanc – the white devil – because of my eyes, y’know?” She shrugged. “Life goes on.”
Mystique: Yeah, I guess. Maybe I hide too much…
Maybe I haven’t dealt with it because I can hide, if you know what I mean…
Gambit: “Don’t get me wrong, sometimes hiding is smart. But chére…” Remy reaches and touches her fingertips to Raven’s wrist where it lies on the table, holding her fork – presumably in a gesture of support although there’s a slight trace of quite literal static electricity as she does so that’s presumably accidental.. “You can’t hide forever. It’s not good for de soul.”
Mystique: Funnily enough, I had a similar conversation not so long ago…
Gambit: “Oh?” That eyebrow cocks again.
Mystique: Eric was here. We had a chance to catch up.
Gambit: “Magneto?”
Mystique: yeah
Came to see Charles. He does now and again.
Gambit: “And what did Erik say?”
Mystique: He’s not a fan of me hiding either
Gambit: “And what does Raven say?” Remy’s almost teasing, now, though without the venom Raven’s seen from her in the past.
Mystique: wry smile
that I think he has a point?
very briefly Raven’s eyes flicker and become golden, glowing, before reverting to her normal brown
Gambit: Remy’s expression lights up a little with interest at this. “Now dere’s a li’l sometin’ I’d like to see more of,” she says. “You must let me meet the real Raven, sometime – or Mystique – or whoever she is. I bet she’s a sight worth seeing.”
Mystique: chuckles
we’ll see

Beast and Mystique - Aspirations
[[:mystique]] and [[:beast]] catch a few minutes together in the danger room.

Mystique: So. I think this past week I’ll have been poking the danger room a little
in an impressed in spite of myself sort of a way
Beast: Well, you are more than welcome to put it through its paces
Or I can give you an in-depth orientation
Mystique: yeah, show me what it’s got
Beast: You should probably have one of those if you really want to optimise your utilisation of its full capacity
[Well, you’ll get a very in-depth demonstration of what it’s capable of – there are different ‘scenarios’ programmed in that can be accessed through the communicators or the main computer… stuff like ‘dark alleyway w/thugs’, ‘building to building chase scene’, ‘rescuing little girl from fire’ etc.]
Mystique: definitely impressed, although I try not to show it
Beast: Well, Beast is very clever, but not always the best at observing people, so he probably doesn’t notice :P
Mystique: heh

Mystique: well, it does look like there’s some practical application to all your daydreaming, Hank

yeah. Charles can be very good to people..
Beast: Yes, he can, he’s a great man
Mystique: yeah…
He wants the best for us, I know that
and he’s very kind
what else do you want to do with this?
Beast: With the Danger Room?
Mystique: yeah
you shouldn’t work too hard you know
Beast: Oh, well, it’s not really mine to do anything with – I mean, I’ll maintain it and programme new scenarios, but…
Mystique: Oh I don’t know. You built it. It’s your baby.
Be proud of it
Beast: Oh, I’m quite proud of it, but there’s so much else I’d like to do
Mystique: like what?
I get impatient here sometimes
Beast: Well, there’s the genetic research I’m working on with Linda at MIT, not to mention the nanoscience paper I’ve been working on for months now, and the medical training I’ve been undertaking on the weekends…
Impatient? How so?
Mystique: Oh, yeah, Linda – how’s things going with her at the moment?
Just… what are we doing all this for, Hank, if we just hide in the shadows…
Beast: [He’s obviously ignoring the question about Linda, and looks bashful.]
Well, certainly we need to be mindful of our safety, but it’s the Professor’s goal that one day we won’t need to hide any longer
That’s why we’re here, to help further that goal.
Mystique: yeah
I guess
I just get tired of hiding sometimes I guess
what’s the nanoscience about?
Beast: “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”
Mystique: a quote?
Beast: Yes, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I find it very reassuring sometimes
Mystique: but I guess it being bitter might put you off the fruit in the end, if you wait too long
Beast: Well, if you’re only concerned with short-term goals, I suppose. Do you have anything to occupy yourself with – learning a skill, a language, a hobby?
Last year I taught myself Japanese, it was fascinating
Mystique: You could say I have a very long term project of personal development…
Beast: Oh? perks up That sounds quite interesting, may I inquire as to its nature?
Mystique: looks hard at Hank, as if weighing him up, then suddenly shifts very briefly to a mirror image of him, then back to her usual self
Oh, this and that…
Beast: Fascinating. You’re very unique, you know. I haven’t encountered another mutant with your abilities in any of my research
Mystique: I guess… not very useful if I always have to hide though, is it
I’m learning though.
The appearance is nothing without understanding the person, really. That’s how Charles caught me the first time
Beast: What do you mean?
Mystique: Oh, I was stealing food. He caught me in the kitchen and I pretended to be his mother. Trouble was, I offered to make him a hot chocolate and his mother would never have done that
Beast: Ah, I see. So it’s not just physical form you need to imitate, but mannerisms as well.
Mystique: Well, you can get away with it for trivial things. It’s how I survived. But to stay in a form you need to be believable
Beast: Well, it seems like a perfect opportunity to study psychology – how better to understand how people operate?
Mystique: thinks about it and brightens
you may be right, but where to start?
Beast: Ah! Well, I certainly have some recommendations I could make there, if you were interested
Mystique: That would be good, actually. I’ve been approaching it from an acting perspective
but a psychological point of view might be good too
Beast: Excellent! Well, why don’t I compile a list for you – I think we should have most of them in the library, actually – and that should certainly give you a broad base to start from
Mystique: Thanks Hank
I hear you want to go see a concert?
what are you thinking of going to see?
Beast: You’ve… heard about that? Oh. I see. Well, there’s a rather talented quartet touring the East Coast at the moment and they’ll be holding a concert nearby in a few weeks’ time – Shostakovich’s Quartet Number 8
Mystique: looks a little crestfallen ah, classical music. I don’t know much about that. Didn’t really have much chance to learn about that…
(is Beast in the blue and furry mode? I know there are different canon incarnations of him…)
Beast: Oh! Well again, there’s plenty of good material out there if you’d like to learn a bit more about it…
(No, it’s pre-fur and pre-blue, he’s basically a funny-looking human)
Mystique: looks a bit embarrassed maybe. But it’s good you are thinking about going out and having fun…
Beast: Well, though I’m no artist I do think the arts are very important
What sort of music do you enjoy?
Mystique: I’ve… not really thought about it much
Beast: No? Ah, well, perhaps you haven’t found your fancy yet
Mystique: Maybe
the psychology sounds good though
I’ve been putting it off, not really knowing where to start. Mostly I just watch people, get their mannerisms, listen to them
Beast: Well, and I’m sure that’s invaluable experience as well. But it never hurts to get another angle on things, does it?
Mystique: nope grins – hit me with that reading list, Mr Brains :)

The Danger Room is Unveiled
Do you know how much those robots cost!


Beast and Nightcrawler gather the characters together to show off the wonderful new training facility that Beast has built. Although Mystique is on time, both Pyro and Gambit are late for the session. After Nightcrawler gives them a short dressing down, he is called away by Charles Xavier to deal with a pressing issue that has arisen(Later discovered to be Armed Mercenaries Kidnap Mutant).

Beast is left to run the first session and activates a solo maze program with Point Defence Lasers and Roaming Robots. Although the race to the finish is close, its eventually won by Pyro.



Armed Mercenaries Kidnap Mutant
Reported Event


Six well armed and body armoured individuals stormed a home in queens and kidnapped a teenager. The FBI are investigating.

The kidnapped person was a mutant.
Charles Xavier had aproached the teen about joining the school.

The School Is Founded
A Factual Event

The School is a Registered Educational Establishment
The headmaster is Charles Xavier

The teachers at the school are all mutants.

There are more to the school’s basements than meets the eye.


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