Being in charge of your own team has a mix of advantages and disadvantages.

For a start, theoretically you are in charge and your team mates will listen to you and do what you want them to. On the other hand, you’ve probably read how well that works in the comics.

You do get to pick which mission you go on each Session. That’s an immense amount of control, as long as you can wrangle your team and make sure that they are spending their mission AP on your mission, not going pulling a Wolverine and going solo or hanging with the Avengers instead.

The highest Price of Leadership comes from the fact that the team is working to your plan. This doesn’t mean that you need to come up with a plan before the mission; instead you decide how things went wrong when a mission test is failed or botched.

Have you messed up big time and got one of the team killed or injured? Step up and decide who you placed in the firing line and get ready to handle the backlash and the emotional fallout.

That backlash is actually one of the advantages of being a leader. You want intense emotions or a crisis of confidence as part of your story? There’s nothing like making those big decisions to drive it.


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