Many Missions are just too dangerous for a young mutant to attempt alone, so some mutants found their own teams within the institute. There have been focussed teams of X-Men for years, ever since the original split into Blue and Gold teams and this is something we are keen to replicate.

Any Mutant can choose to found a team and recruit membership. By default, the founding Mutant is considered to be the Leader and picks the missions that the team goes on. They also assign the injuries and fatalities when a mission goes wrong.

A character can be a member of multiple teams. But, when you spend your Action Points to go on a mission you must pick which team you are going on a mission with that month (or go solo). If that team does not go on a mission, you loose the AP. Equally, if you pick another team to go on a mission with, that team does not have access to your Capabilities, Karma or Confidence and that Lack may cost lives.

To Found A Team, just create a thread in the forum with the subject line [Team] Your Team Name and include a brief description of the sorts of things your team wants to do and include a roster of invited characters. When the characters post to report for duty they are considered to be a part of the team.


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