The Persecutor

All the great heroes rise from humble beginnings to overcome the persecution of their ordinary life. They know that they are more than the persecutors claim them to be and are inspired to push higher and further than any has gone before. The reflection of the Idol, you view the very traits that the Idol holds in high regard as a weakness of some sort.

The Persecutor defines the backdrop of oppression and highlights the conflict that stops those achieving what they want. They are an embodiment of the oppression, not necessarily its sole source. Depending on the type of conflict, the story can be flavoured very differently as the conflict strongly effects the way the lead struggles against it.

Man vs Man
This is the most common conflict for rags to riches stories. Frequently the young hero is oppressed by a substitute parental figure, like a step parent, orphanage manager or probation worker. However, it can be anyone in a position to manipulate the Lead into doing what they are told; regardless of whether it’s through authority, fear of violence or even love.

Man vs Society
In the marvel universe, the mutants are frequently persecuted by the human population. However, there are a million reasons why an individual’s face wont fit and cause society to lash out at them. The Persecutor embodies this conflict by being a catalyst or ringleader of this oppression.

Man vs Nature
As a representative of some sort of natural threat, your responsibility is to enhance the fear of that threat in the Lead and use that to manipulate them. This can be as an overprotective parent, witch doctor or even a wilderness guide.

During the Persecution, the Persecutor shines. Acting from a position of power they must manipulate the Lead into remaining in their current life.
The Opportunity is where the Lead escapes the Persecutors clutches and starts to build a new life around their new goals. The Persecutor should ease up the pressure here and save themselves for another confrontation after the Ordeal.
When the Lead starts to fall to the Weakness your early influence starts to show through and they start to emulate your beliefs and actions. However, you remain in the background (maybe gloating to your friends a little).
When the lead encounters the Ordeal, it is a confrontation with a greater foe than yourself. Give The Dark Reflection their space to oppose the Lead. Your place comes after the confrontation, where you will either get to kick the lead while they are down or establish that the power dynamic within your relationship has changed in the leads favour.
Depending on the results of the Ordeal and whether The Ideal has accepted the lead. The Fulfilment is where you must decide if you find a new place in the leads Life or a new whipping boy to persecute.

The Persecutor

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